Nov 26,2020

Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving Speech

Joe Biden gave his thanksgiving speech. 

The President-elect of the United States of America" Joe Biden" has given a Thanksgiving speech while addressing the challenges facing the U.S. Promising that he has come to put an end to the "grim season of division", as the country faces the rot hard winter with Corona virus.

Joe Biden stated in his speech during the Thanksgiving holiday, that "Americans were at war with coronavirus, not each other. Meanwhile, he adviced people to forgo high-risk holiday traditions, as cases of the virus continue to surge in the U.S. However,the incubent President "Donald Trump" urged supporters to effectively make a serious move to overturn the results of the 3 November election.

He added that  "We have to turn the election over, adding that the election was "rigged".

Joe Biden who has victoriously won the the presidential election formerly started that he has finally come to take the U.S. to a greater dimensions.




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