Apr 21,2022

Mike Tyson Beats Up A Passenger Provoking Him On An Airplane

Mike Tyson former undisputed world boxing heavyweight champion, beats up a passenger who repeatedly provoked him on an aeroplane,  the video posted by TMZ shows the former boxer smacking the annoying passenger several times.

The incident occurred while Mike Tyson was scheduled to fly on a Jet Blue flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida. The passenger who was seating behind Mike continued to harass the 55 years old boxer until he was fed, he couldn't take it any more and then he strikes the passenger a few times.

TMZ reported that the passenger later received medical attention and then went on to the police to report the incident, as at the moment, no news of him talking about pressing legal charges against Mike Tyson, he might later hire legal counsel to pursue a lawsuit for the injuries from the attack. 

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