Jan 01,2022

Max Verstappen Has The Burden Of Proving He Is A Worthy F1 Champion In 2022 And Wasn't Gifted By Masi

What is done is done, I don't think formula 1 and the Stewards will ever reverse Masi's corrupt decision to ignore the set rules, at the finals in Abu Dhabi, where he gifted Max Verstappen the opportunity to catch up with Lewis Hamilton; after Masi wiped away Hamilton's 11 seconds lead, by allowing alone the five cars between them to un-lap and not the rest cars.

Max Verstappen, would be going into the 2022 championship with the burden of proving he is a worthy champion; because if Lewis Hamilton decides not to resign, and goes ahead to win the championship in 2022. This would do more damage to the already battered F1 image.

Max is probably going into this championship with that mind, and hopefully, the decision-maker and powers that be in Formula 1, would not use their powers in every way possible to deter Sir Lewis Hamilton from winning his 8th championship.

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