Jan 13,2022

Lewis Hamilton's Silence Is Golden And It Worries FIA Management And Hamilton Haters

Seven times Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, has gone mute and not communicating anything; neither talking to Journalist nor writing on social media, after he was cheated out of winning his eighth championship, which would have put him one world title ahead of Michael Schumacher, whom he is currently tied with, in numbers of world championship wone.

FIA is worried about Lewis retiring or taking a sabbatical leave off Formula 1. He is F1 one biggest star; who has been able to attract a lot of new fans to the sport. Lewis Hamilton pulling out of the sport might lead to less viewership, though lots of Max Verstappen's fans and Hamilton's haters would disagree, then the question is why are they worried about his silence?

New FIA president Muhammed Ben Sulayem; is concerned that Lewis didn't respond to him when he tried reaching him, but he has not produced any result of the FIA instigating itself, he is yet to tell the F1 world what changes he is implementing, so we don't see such corruption happening again, he is yet to tell the F1 community and fans about the situation with Michael Masi, is he keeping his job or would he be sacked? All these questions beg for answers before I guess Lewis breaks his silence.


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