Mar 17,2022

Hushpuppi Hit With Fresh Charges For Committing $400k Fraud From Prison

US Prosecutor Files Fresh Charges on popular Nigerian Instagram celebrity Hushpuppi, the court document submitted shows the Instagram celebrity, though behind bars still committed fraud online laundering over $400k.

After the officers at the US Federal correctional facility, noticed Hushpuppi consuming more internet and were aware that he was arrested for internet fraud, they obtained a warrant to monitor his online activities, and then set up a system to watch and record his online dealings for seven days.

They realised Hushpuppi was actively buying EIP debit cards from StimulusCard, an underground cybercriminal marketplace, he then laundered the money through one AJ, after purchasing a total of 58 EIP debit cards with a total value of $429,800 from the online site.

By Samson Onoja Itodo


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