May 06,2021

Anthony Joshua "I Am Everything Tyson Fury Wants To Be"

Anthony Joshua the two-time unified world heavyweight champion, having held the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles previously from 2016 and losing his belts in June 2019 to Andy Ruiz, and then returning to ring in the December of the same year 2019 to reclaim his belts by beating Andy Ruiz.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are preparing to meet in the ring for the undisputed heavyweight championship fight, though the contracts and deals for the fight is inconclusive and have dragged on for a while now. But that has not detarred Tyson Fury from trash talking AJ.

Anthony Joshua responded intelligently in his recent interview, when asked to comment on Tyson Fury saying "I am doing eighteen pints of beer and I am not training" the host added that he is pissed because he can see Tyson Fury's chick bones. He is chiseled and he is training. He then asked how frustrated is for AJ in the development process of trying to get a deal for the fight done and your opponent is playing he is not that interested, but we all know they are?

Anthony Joshua gave a very smart response which is trending online now, he said "it's all psychological warfare, I have learnt a lot with that, people always talk about, like you said, a man always talks about drinking pint and he is not interested but yet he wants to look chiseled. He is training the harder he has ever been, he is the skinniest he is ever been, he wants to have a good body, he wants to be well prepared, but AJ has a good body, chiseled and trains, but he is a body builder, but yet Tyson Fury would do the exact same thing if could. So it's like this are just so psychological warfare, what they call me is what they want to be, he wants to have a six pack, that's why he trains as hard as he is training right now, why he look so chiseled, why is he in America training. So with what he said, is just a psychological warfare to make me not want to believe in myself, however i understand what this is all about and everything that he says, I am everything he wants to be"

So Afrobizgermany is # Anthony Joshua's quote #iameverythinghewantstobe

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