Jan 24,2022

After F1 Abu Dhabi Corruption, Would You Bet Your Money On Car Racing Again, If The Stewards Don't Come Clean?

Formula one integrity is in question; after Michael Masi decided to gift the championship to Max Verstappen, at the final race in Abu Dhabi. Masi deliberately ignored the rules, when he only allowed the five lapped cars between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, to un-lap after initially announcing that no car is should un-lap, which is supposed to be the rule. Masi cheated Lewis out of winning his eighth championship title; after he led the race for 53 of the 58 laps, before Nicholas Latifi's car crash, that was when the plot to wipe out Lewis Hamilton's 12-minute lead over Max Verstappen began, and then Max was gifted the championship.

It is taking the Newly-elected FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, too long to start the internal investigation on what and why the situation in Abu Dhabi ever happened, was Michael Masi alone in taking that decision, or did he get ordered by the powers that be? These questions are begging for answers for the integrity of sports. How do you imagine those who stake their money, betting on F1 race weekly to continue to do so, when the outcome can be decided by the race manager or the powers that be.

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