Feb 22,2020

Why Wont The Ghanian Government Arrest Pastor, Bishop Obinim For Illegal Passport Production

The kind buffoonery that we see African pastors display these days is absolutely tasteless and shameful

It's beginning to seem like African leaders are part of this whole scheme to keep its citizen completely docile and fooled

The scam is becoming unbearable, it is totally rediculous how the government allows such nonsense to continue 

It is not just exploitation any more, but we see video of these pastors commanding their congregation to eat grass like goats, drink all sorts of dangerous chemicals, all in the name of miracles.

We keep rushing to these pastors for miracles, but have any of us seen or know somebody personally that has been physically healed, a cripple, a blind person or any person physically disabled that has been healed.

And now that they have advanced to government property would the law enforcement please arrest? 

Please watch video below


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