Jul 05,2018

Rayvanny Kicks Up Storm After Flaunting HIV Results

An HIV status kit posted by Tanzanian bongo superstar Rayvanny on his social media page has kicked up a storm.

In a short video clip, Rayvanny shared the results of his test kit with the rest of the world that he was HIV negative, a gesture that did not go down well with some.

Some of Rayvanny’s fans took a shot at him that he was bragging with aspects meant to be private and would have not done the same were the results positive.

Whatever purpose the video was to serve, the singer however had a message, urging young people and his fellow artists at WCB to get tested.

“Vijana afya zenu mnazijua, pima. LavaLava, Mbosso, Harmonize, pia ndugu yangu Mavoko. Diamond Platnumz, Sallam, Babu Tale. Hamna kuzushiana heshima kwenye mambo ya vipimo. Chukueni afya zenu. Niko safe,’’ posted Rayvanny.

Here are some of the comments…

d.free2bme @rayvanny sasa tuliza.Wacha kuruka ruka hapa na pale.Life is too short.Settle down enjoy life with your wife ...years will go by so fast and by the time you realise it you will be old.

oy311366 Kupima kuzuri lakini pia kunatisha yaani

suraiyashariff54 HIV Test in jambo la kawaida uwoga wa nini? Ni vema kila mtu ajue status yake regardless the situation... Wake up guys its for your own good. Good health comes first, Shime Aleykhum nyote kapimeni. Big up @rayvanny

fatmakiwanga Je ungekuwa nao ungetuonyesha acha izo

santqkanumba_mahava Big up Vanny

jannemakundi Sio yako


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