Nov 16,2018

"Afrika Community Award" MoneyGram Reward Members Of The Community

Members of the African community in Germany who have dedicated themselves to serving the community, both in the diaspora and back home, were honored  by MoneyGram in the second annual Afrika Community Award in Frankfurt Germany.

The winners were handed checks to support their various projects by senior officials of Moneygram and an official of their media consultant partner Zamidia  to support their various projects, a way of giving back to the community that have been very supporting of their business.

Below is the list of winners according to their position

Social engagement

1. Maisha e.V. - self help group for African women in Germany 

2. Kita Sankofa e.V - Kinder garten for African diasporan children


1. Oriwo Design - an African fashion designer

2. Tabotgraphy - an exclusive African photographer in Hamburg


1. FC Afrisko Berlin - African football club in Berlin

2. Titan e.V. - sport club in Berlin with asylum seekers as members


1. Verein Roots and Wings e.V. - a group that promotes natural African beauty

2. Africa Charity und Kultur e.V. -  a group that works at providing education and training for the less previlaged back home in Africa

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