Mar 24,2021

Leah Sharibu Still In Hell's Hole

Leah Sharibu gives birth to second baby in Boko Haram captivity’

Leah sharibu was among the 110 girls who were abducted by terrorists from Government Girls' science and technical college Dapchi, Yobe State.
It has been reported that this schoolgirl who was abducted since on the 19th February,2018, has given birth to a second child in captivity.

It would be recalled that Leah, still held in captivity, was forced to accept Islam before being married off to a top Boko Haram commander after she refused to renounce her Christian faith.
Emmanual Ogebe, one of the Convener of the US-Nigeria Law Group, made a statement that “despite an offer by an American pastor last month to surrender himself in exchange for Leah’s freedom, there has been no tangible response from her captors.
“That notwithstanding, intelligence received on the status of Leah indicates that she has delivered a second child in captivity. While we have not corroborated this by multiple sources, a usually knowledgeable source indicated that she delivered a second child late last year. This means both children were born in 2020 as the terrorists announced her childbirth earlier in 2020. And he added that an investigation is still on going to get the fact about leah's given birth to a second child.


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