Dec 01,2021

Covid19: The Stigmatization Of Africa, A Picture Speaks Volume

It is very shameful how Russian Television (RT) in a post on its Instagram page, results in the same old tactics of stigmatizing Africa. A picture in a post discusses the newly-discovered Omicron Covid B.1.1.529 variant, which was detected in Hong Kong, South Africa and Botswana. The Russian state media used the picture above that shows an African map covered with Covid behind an African child.

Why the African child and map? Is this to passively pass information that Covid19 started in Africa, the continent was more covid infected or the black child suffered more from coronavirus?. Because according to data available everywhere this will be grossly untrue.

Russian State television should please help us understand the rationale behind this post; they should at least tell us why this picture? and not the image of kids or map of countries or continents; that had the higher number of Covid19 infection and death. America, Asia, Europe and Russia would have been a perfect fit.

The lack of respect for the humanity of people of African descent is something that must be seriously addressed. The same mentality is the reason why some French doctors, suggested Africans be used as Guinea pigs for testing covid19 vaccines. When Africa hard a lesser case of covid19 compared to France.

The destruction of our image; is detrimental to our survival on this planet earth, Africans must rise and counter this negative projection of our image in the media, and show the world our true self, or else we would witness more death of Africans, from those who have no remorse or appreciation for our humanity.

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