May 04,2022

Will Nigeria Elect Another Corrupt Christian Or Muslim As Their Next Leader?

Since the amalgamation of Nigeria, every of its president has either been a Christian or Muslim, and each of them has left the country worst than they inherited it. 

Religion has been one of the deciding factors, by which Nigerians cast their votes during every electoral circle. Our politicians have mastered the art of aligning and using their faith as campaign rhetoric, it has always worked for them and would still work in the next election.

The next president of Nigeria is either going to be a practising Christian and his vice from the Islamic faith or vice versa. This combination has been a winning one so far up till the current regime, and it will probably not change.

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) just declared three days of prayers for “God to speak to leaders”. These same religious leaders, including the Islamic ones and their various organizations, have been very instrumental in electing the person who will eventually become the president of Nigeria, and yet till now, Nigeria has only had corrupt leaders. Why then, with all the predictions, visions and prayers from our religious institutions, clergymen, and our political leaders after swearing with the Bible and Koran, do we still produce failed leaders?.

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