Jan 29,2023

Why Peter Obi Is The Best Choice Amongst The Bunch Of Candidates For Nigerian 2023 Presidential Election

Peter Obi former Anambra state governor and Labour Party (LP) flag bearer, from the unset, has been clear about his agenda, and his willingness to engage in public discussion to talk about his plan, makes him stand out amongst the three major candidates.

The question that those of us in the diaspora supporting the candidate of our choice, should ask ourselves is, would the candidate we support ever stand a chance in the country of our abode?  Would their capability, fitness, and all the unresolved allegations against them be in question?

The history of how some of these candidates performed in the past when they were in positions of leadership, and how they through their various corrupt practices milked the nation, actually should make it easy for Nigerians, youths, and especially those in the diaspora, who leaves in a functioning democracy to align themselves.

In the current election dispensation and the choices presented before Nigerians, the electorate is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, but yet with all the baggage the other two major candidates bring with them? Obi stands shoulders above them.

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