Jul 04,2019

Vote For Timothy Asotie For Italian Congress Delegate, A Voice To Represent Us

Timothy_Asotie (Italian), “Candidate for Congress Delegate”
B.Sc. in Political Science; Ambrose Alli University
Post-Graduate Intercultural Mediation; MIUR
MA in International Relations; Atlantic International University, United States "On going"


Timohy is a Nigeria born Italian Political Activist & Intercultural Mediator, contesting as congress delegate in European Union  3rd biggest political party/plateform called ALDE; Alliance For Liberals and Democrats for Europe.



He said that his resolutions would be how to strengthen the socio-economic and political system across Europe, and his aims is to focus on the following:
1) Human Rights

2) Gender Equality

3) Freedom and Equity

4) Africa – European Collaboration


If elected, I will work with other delegates with same aims and objectives, and together we will reach out for more and help them to understand why IMS goals should be consider or even come first.

When i say Africa - European collaboration on migration, this is what I mean;

(We can tackle migration issues in Europe by reaching out to various Africa countries where migrants departs from. Surprisingly 70% of migrants migrating to Europe today are economic migrants seeking for a comfortable environment to succeed. And handling such issues would be a collaboration between Africa & Europe in finding the cause and possible solutions.
Things that Europe could do to reduce this problem:
1) Assist by jnvesting in quality education and helping them to acquire basic skills. (Remember Education is power)
2) Help to transform Africa into a technology continent. 
As we can see in the world today, technology is taking over (21 century), and Africans are still living with the mentality of implying manpower to solve everything instead of simple technological ideal that could even do far better.

All these might not require money from the European Union, but expatriates to help orient and guide the people through these processes.


I'm one man that believe in collective ideals and enforcement. The fact is that there're different parties in the house, and an internal/external considerations are needed during resolutions e.t.c, but must be in line with Alde party's goals and objectives. I may not have been opportune to represent the house before now, but my intercultural political experience since 2007 as a democrat, will definitely be a plus as a congress delegate to Alde individual members.

I have served in different social - political sectors which I believed that my inter-cultural and inter-continental experience over the years will definitely be a plus in the house. And i believe my theoritical knowledge and pratical experience over the years as a political
scientist, will not only enable me in analysing political issues but also discussing possibly solution/problem solving.




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