Jul 06,2020

Video: 17yrs Old Black Child Almost Chokes To Death As Finnish Security Guards Kneels On His Neck While Another Sits On Him In Hand Cuffs

Dr. Faith Mkwesha the mother of the 17 years old child, a researcher at Helsinki University and one of the speakers at the just concluded "Afro-Bloggers Convention" confirmed the incident that  happened in Helsinki the capital of Finland to Afrobizgermany.

Attached is her instagram post on the incident:


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#racism #lcantbreathe #ProtectBlackChildrenToo #HelsinkiSecurity In the video is my 17 year old son. Two security officers sitting on him, one security officer with a knee on his neck, choking his neck. The other one sitting on top of him putting hand carfs. The ither security blocking taking a video. He cried 'l can't breathe please.' He told them that l cannot breathe, but, they remined for a long time on top of him. They put hand carfs tightly on him. They gave them fine ticket 80 Euro each. Then they tell the white Finnish friend to go, he went to the train and got the bus to Turku. My black son was taken by the security to a room still with hand carfs for interogation. Closed him for more than one hour alone in a room. Police called & took him for interogation. Police gave another fine ticket 60 Euro each. Anyone can see he is a child.But, maybe black children do not deserve protection. l have been so distraught and in disbelief that this was happening to my son in Finland. His dad gave him money to celebrate that he has recorded his first music video that will be released soon. He went to Helsinki to have his tatoo of a symbol of music with his white Finnish friend. My son has not been in Helsinki for 2 years. He was confident to go because he turned 17 years. We allowed him to go. After the tatoos they went to get metro so they could go to the bus terminus back to Turku. @action4humanity_se @blklivesmatter

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