Mar 01,2022

United Nation's Reaction To Russia Invasion Of Ukraine Scrutinized By Atabong Albert Motale

It is right that Africans, whom the United Nation bearly take actions; when it has to do with conflicts involving them, start surgically looking into how the UN reacts to similar issues in other continents.

Atabong Albert Motale writes:

1. It should be now more evident to every African that the UN was established primarily to prevent wars in Europe or, better still, to avoid ethnic wars amongst the Europeans or a so-called European war dubbed the 3rd world war.

2. It is only six days into the Russian-Ukraine war. All the UN Political, Economic, Financial, Humanitarian systems have been activated, including the FIFA UEFA  that claims to be apolitical because European lives matter and the reasons for the formation of the UN.

3. The UN, within the last few days, held several back to back-to-back meetings and even convened a UN General Assembly.

4. Meanwhile, the la république du cameroun (LRC) Genocide against the people of Southern Cameroon (SC)  has been ongoing in the last five years and classified as a non-event and an event only reported on Twitter to entertain the world. 

5. Within five days, more than 200 sanctions have been invoked on Russia,  and peace talks are already holding.

6. Meanwhile, LRC has been applying in the last five years,  textbook Genocide against the People of SC, whose only crimes are to seek equity justice and to be called citizens in a state which is theirs.

7. LRC was allowed to host AFCON, even though the same UN Human Rights Commission had also indicated that LRC is committing war crimes with over 350 villages and settlements burnt down, over 10,000 killed, millions displaced, and thousands in prisons or not accounted.

8. Today, FIFA has banned Russia from participating in FIFA and UEFA events, but CAF encouraged LRC to host AFCON with cemeteries and blood everywhere. Those who were advocating for CAF not host AFCON on LRC due to the genocide; were being labelled Terrorists and fools who knew next to nothing about football and patriotism

9. We are seeing even Russians protesting against the war because they consider Ukraine as their own. Have we seen citizens of LRC protesting against the LRC Genocide against the people of SC they deceived as to their brothers?

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