Jan 18,2021

Tunisians Hit The Streets In Fresh Protest.

Protests hits the city of Tunisia as they go against the police and Economic crisis.


The Tunisian police and the protesters clashed in Siliana as nationwide protests against the police and economic crisis emerged in their again. This report came up after  the protesters mounted a strict barricades and flamed up objects to block the streets of the city located about 130 kilometres from the capital Tunis.

This demonstrations in Siliana and other cities started on Friday after a video posted on social media showing a police officer shouting and pushing a shepherd whose sheep entered the local government headquarters.

However, a serious demostration is going on   in Sousse, Nabeul, and other neighbourhoods in Tunis.

While in few days earlier, on Thursday 14 January, the country commemorated the 10th anniversary since the flight into exile of iron-fisted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was pushed from power in a popular revolt that foreshadowed pro-democracy uprisings, strife and civil war in the region during what became known as the Arab Spring.

In reaction to this crisis, the Tunisia government deployed more security personnels to all the crisis areas in the streets of Tunisia. 



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