Nov 17,2020

The Real Story Behind The Mushin Unrest.

The mushin clash between hoodlums.

It became too alarming  when it was discovered that the clashes between the two hoodlums in Mushin area of Lagos, has hotly resulted in a serious violence which led to deaths of three persons with others left injured,while about 120 vehicles were destroyed and 50 shops were vandalised during the rot of this violence on monday. 

Following this reports,  The clashes was said to have seriously taking place from on Sunday night, at the points of social function organised at Alaafia street which was held till Monday while extending to Daniel street,Idi-Araba and Idi-Oro areas where the violence has became so highly at the eke of killings and destroying of properties.

Acknowledging this obnoxious incidence,the  Lagos State government have decided to imposed a curfew on Mushin area which took effect from 9pm of Monday.

Futher more,one eye witnesses gave an expression about the victims of the violence which involved a grandmother who was ganged and molested.

While the hoodlums were said to have gone a bit to looting about 50 shops and snatching  away many items from the shops. Mr Ganiyu Olalekan who also witnessed this scenario stated that, scores of vehicles were vandalised and “without exaggerating, I counted about 159 vehicles and 50 shops which were destroyed and looted by the hoodlums.



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