Jan 23,2021

PMB Prepare To Equip Nigerian Health Sector Against Coviid19.

Nigeria approves release of $16.9 million to set up oxygen plants against COVID-19 surge.

 President Muhammadu Buhari gave this speech after security forces rescued schoolboys at the Government house in Katsina, Nigeria, in his speech, he announced that the approving of 6.45 billion naira ($16.94 million) to set up oxygen production plants in 38 sites to help treat COVID-19 patients as authorities contend with a sharp rise in cases.

However, knowing the fact that the Africa's most-populous country where officials recorded low coronavirus numbers through much of last year, is in the grip of a second wave of infections. Meanwhile the presidency have stated that the release of funds to address the provision of oxygen was announced at a meeting of the National Economic Council (NEC) advisory body, whereas this development will definitely go a long way to curve out the hazardous wave of coronavirus. 


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