Nov 19,2020

PMB Commends Governor Umahi’s Defection From PDP To APC

President Buhari commends Umahi's defection to APC. His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari in a motive of expressing his exitement, over the defection of Ebonyi State Governor"David Umahi", to the ruling party" All progressive congress" (APC ). 

Meanwhile he  commended the defection of the Governor, describing it “as a bold move driven purely by principle rather than opportunistic motives.” In reaction to this defection, President Buhari expressed that: “I am proud of Governor David Umahi for taking this bold decision in accordance with his conscience and principles rather than any external influence or coercion.” And in accordance, “Good governance is very important to us in the APC, and I’m glad that the governor has cited this as a major factor in his decision to join us.

I urge our citizens to pay less emphasis on identity politics if we want our democracy to make a positive impact on our country.” He further stated that “with men like Umahi, I foresee a brighter future for our democracy because the voters will be motivated by performance records of parties and their candidates.”

“Let me once again; commend the boldness of Governor Umahi for taking this courageous decision in a country where principles are in short supply among many. I know people might call him names, but that is the price men of principles have to pay for such move in accordance to foster more development in the  country. 


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