Feb 22,2021

Nigerian Military Jet, Kills Seven!

Seven persons died as Nigerian military aircraft crashes near Abuja airport.

It was indeed a very tragic occurrence in the early hour on Sunday at  Abuja yesterday. 
 It was sadly reported that one of the Nigerian military aircraft has crashed near Abuja airport, killing all seven people on board, according to officials.

This incident occurred due to the engine failure  of the  Beechcraft KingAir B350i aircraft which led to a serious crash while returning to the Abuja in Sunday. 

However, Fire engines and ambulances stood by. The smell of burning chemicals lingered in the air but no fire or smoke was visible at that moment before the air force personnels stated that an investigation into the crash was under way.

Meanwhile, Hadi Siriki, the minister of Aviation tweeted that “We should remain calm & wait for the outcome of investigation by the millitary.


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