Nov 30,2021

Nigeria Community Berlin (NCB) Is Failing In Its Duty To Nigerians

The leadership of the Nigerian Community Berlin (NCB); is failing in its service and purpose to Nigerians in Berlin.  

What used to be a thriving and functional organization, with a base “Nigeria House” in Kreuzberg Berlin, is practically almost none functional right now. The organization lost its base “Nigerian House” years back; due to some mismanagement that to date; no particular persons or group has taken the blame; in other words, nobody is shouldering the responsibility for the loss of the house. 

“Nigeria House” was very useful in various capacities; it was a cultural centre, a meeting point, an information centre, a home for Nigerians just arriving in Berlin with no relatives or friends. 

The present office holders of the community whose tenure is long overdue; have been unable to conduct an election and hand it over to successors. It has been one excuse or the other; why they couldn’t have an election for over five years. Nigerian Community Berlin is just a name on paper; it has not served Nigerians in any form or manner for a while now. The current leadership, whose tenure has long expired should accept their failure in serving the community. Now it is well overdue to handover, to the overwhelming wealth of capable Nigerian youths in Berlin. These current leaders should do the needful, organize Nigerians in Berlin, call for an election and relinquish the management of affairs to the next leaders.

Nigerians have the habit of pointing fingers and passing blames, yet we watch and do nothing as the system fails. We are good at assigning responsibility to the government back home, for the poor state of the country. Yet the question is; what role are we as citizens of Nigeria playing in this process? The same attitude we carry over with us to Germany. We live in a country that is a model of organized society; still, we fail to replicate what is happening in our community?

Nigerian ethnic and tribal meetings are functioning very well; why are these various ethnic groups; not attending the Nigerian Community Berlin (NCB) meetings? And Nigerians who have been in Berlin for more than 20 years; formed an association called Old Bürger Association (OBA), which is a good thing, but then there is an inhouse fight; OBA is divided into two factions, with two different meetings in Berlin. Is there an opportunity here to lure both the ethnic groups and OBA members to Nigerian Community Berlin? Can a newly elected youth leadership achieve this? 


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