Jun 01,2021

Neco Registrar Goodwill Obioma Assassinated In Minna

NECO Registrar Godswill Obioma assassinated

The level of insecurity in Nigeria is becoming too alarming, taking into account of the death toll for just only a week ago, many souls has been wasted by unknown gunmen.

Following the report brought in at the early hour of today, prof. Godswill Obioma the NECO Register has been assassinated a
According to his wife Elizabeth Obioma, explained on people's Gazette that the agesassins came in and killed him and left without taking anything.
Unknown gunmen on Monday night stormed the residence of Professor Godswill Obioma, strangling him in what his wife suspected to be an assassination.
Mrs Obioma further stated that her husband had just returned to Minna from a trip to Abuja when the armed men, lurking in his compound, descended on him and strangled him.
However, the police spokesman did not immediately return a request seeking comments about the development.
Mr Obioma has been facing attempts to remove him from office as the head of NECO, a prominent examination body run by the Nigerian government.


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