Feb 15,2021

Latest On Donald Trump's White House Battle.

Donald Trump's defense wraps up case in three hours.

Donald Trump's defense attorneys has wrapped up their presentation in the former president's impeachment trial.

The Lawyers argued for three hours on Friday that Trump didn't incite the January 6 rally crowd to riot at the US Capitol and that his words were merely figures of speech. 
Meanwhile they stated that the case against Trump was a political witch-hunt by Democrats and was not valid because he is no longer in office.
Their truncated defense barely used the full time allotted, 16 hours over two days.While Many senators minds appear already made up.
This resulted from when Trump was accused of incitement of insurrection in the mob siege at the Capitol,where about five lives are said to have taken. 
 And as a matter of fact, Senators will not be able to ask the lawyers questions when the trial resumes.
The strategy from Donald Trump's lawyers is to concede that violence at the US Capitol on January 6 was every bit as traumatic, unacceptable and illegal as Democrats say. But his team disputes that Trump had anything to do with it. The goal is to blunt the impact of the House Democrats' visceral case and quickly pivot to what the defense lawyers see as the more winnable issue of the trial: whether Trump incited the deadly riot.


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