Nov 28,2020

Kogi Commissioner Says Nigerians Have Been Calling On Yahaya Bello To Run For 2023 Presidency.

Kogi State commissioner for information and communication, Kingsley Fanwo, has loudly made claims that the people of Nigeria have been asking for the State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello, to consider running for the presidency in 2023.

The commissioner made this claim in a twitter post on Saturday 28, November 2020, stating that the push for a great nation is exactly what the governor promises, “so we know the deafening calls will bring about a defining moment for our nation.”


The commissioner later stated in a phone call, that so many person at high places are calling on the State Governor to seek the highest office in the country, but the Governor has not made any comment on wether or not he’s ready for that.

“He has shown that the youth can provide quality leadership in Nigeria,” Fanwo said, citing what he said are some of the governor’s biggest achievements so far in Kogi.

“In Kogi, we have diverse ethnic groups which were not unified; there was the challenge of insecurity and underdevelopment, but he came in 2016 and was able to unite the state.

“When you look at the economy, he has been able to inject a lot of dynamism into the economic management of the state and we are also looking into agriculture.

“When you look at the challenges of Nigeria – lack of unity, insecurity, economic diversification – he has the answer to them,” he said.

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