Aug 26,2018

#FreeBobiWine Ugandans In Germany Protest

Ugandans in Germany demonstrated today 26.08.2018 in Berlin at the  Brandenburg Gate in solidarity with the #FreeBobiwine movement, which is now attracting the international community as protest all over calling on the Ugandan Government to free Bobi wine a Ugandan musician Turned Politician and current Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East who has Successfully challenged the current corrupt system in Uganda. 
His struggle has no Tribe, Religion, gender, political or social boundaries. It accommodates everybody who believes in justice, service delivery, equal economic development for all and good governance for the people by the people.
A few days ago after a political Rally in Arua Municipality Constituency, Mr. Kyagulanyi Aka Bobi wine was badly beaten up by Security Organs attached to the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He suffered severely is still held in detention.


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