Nov 25,2018

Does Africa Really Need Foreign Aids?

Africa is rich in natural resources and feeds the world with the raw material needed for its development, Africa is also one of the highest exporter of talent, talk about brain drain, why then do we accept, assume and play the role of a poor continent.

We should take a break, step outside the box and question everything that we have been indoctrinated by the establishment. We should also look inwards into ourselves and provoke a lot of questions, are we that dumb that we cannot manage or organize ourselves, even process our raw materials into finished product?

How do we allow small nations with less population to dictate to us, how come they are able to sanction us, when the wealth of the world resides in Africa.

What is in the aid that they offer Africa, who does it benefit, what are the conditions attached to it, what are the consequences of taking this aids, how do we hold accountable African leaders who take this aids that does not benefit Africa?

By Samson Onoja Itodo


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