Jan 03,2021

Atiku Calls Buhari And All His Cabinet Lazy!

Buhari’s Laziness Gave Nigeria Worse Blow Than Covid-19: Atiku.


The former Vice President Atiku Abubakar  gave some speech on Friday being on the 1st of  January 2021. Atiku stated that, regardless of what Nigeria suffered as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, President Muhammadu Buhari’s lazy leadership has done worse to Nigerians.

While dropping his new year message, he Futher stated that “As a country, we have taken our share out of the blow that Covid-19 dealt to the globe” he also added that “And worst still, we suffered a multi-facet downcast on account of lazy and uninspiring leadership from the government at the centre  most especially.” Which I pray that God should heal the hearts of families who have lost loved ones to the disease, as well as those who died on account of insecurity and ringing poverty occasioned by poor management of our national economy.



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