Aug 24,2020

A Black American "Jacob Blake" Was Shots Dead By The US Police

The black man"Jacob Blake, being the victim was identified by Wisconsin officials where he was found in a critical conditions at Froedtert hospital in Milwaukee as of early this morning. It was found out that Blake was trying to interrupt a fight between two women, where he was shots several times.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of criminal investigation made this statement that the officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake are placed on administrative leave.

Discoveries from further investigation shows that, the civil rights Attorney Benjamin Crump shared a video from the incident on Twitter where he said that Blake's three sons were inside the car when Blake was shot.

"They saw a cop shoot their father", crump tweeted." they are going to be traumatized forever.
We cannot let the officers violate their duty to guide us, our youngsters deserves better!! ".

Considering this tragic experienced by Blake , the demonstration by the black lives matters movement may come to take place in sequel to this tragic occurrence on Monday, August 24. #Blacklives matters hastag in order to urge justice for Blake so as to put the officers involved behind bars.

(By: Musty Mustapha)


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