May 13,2022

100 Millions Of Naira Lying Carelessly Everywhere In Nigeria

In the midst of excruciating hunger as a result of the poor economic situation of the country, caused by bad governance because of the consistent election of irresponsible political leaders, to positions of power in Nigeria, the citizens suffer in a country endowered with abundant wealth.

Another election circle is kicking off, the race to elect the next president of Nigeria has begun, 2023 is the year and the corruption machine has started grinding, lots of money in Ghana must go bags, bullion vans and so much more would move from one hand to another, and the poor masses would mortgage their destiny for peanuts, out of the billions floating everywhere.

Nigerian politicians are shameless in numbers rushing to pay 100 million naira, for the nomination form for the position of the president of Nigeria in 2023. The salary of the president for the full four-year term, is less than the 100 million for purchasing just the form, what about the millions that would be spent during the campaign, how would the president recover money spent to attain the presidency? and we are expecting a leader that would come and perform magic, then suddenly the country would become prosperous.

Nigerian politicians are buying a 100 million naira 2023 presidential nomination form for fun and gifting it to their political friends, though the country is plagued with one of the worst economic situations in the world, schools on strike, masses are hungry, bad roads, insecurity and many more. We are leaving in la-la land, on false hopes, that is why religious houses, churches and mosques are filled always, every day with our people, expecting miracles or magic by false prophets selling false hopes, who are friends of the politicians. Do we still have a country?.


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