Apr 13,2021

Another Catching Poem By Indian’s Sutanuka!


Another lovely poem by "Sutanuka.

Their hearts sing lullabies no more.
Silence has settled like a winter frost
Stiffed into the cracks of their fatigue lips
The stern autumn zephyrs had made 
Profound lesion in their bosoms -
Their orbs hunting for an elfin bead of love
Tell a tale beyond time.
Digging up each remains and shards
The unencumbered pains.

Succumbed to the raging flames
Life has already;
Poured out from their veins.
But their soul urges to forget
Old dents, bars and venomous memories
Into the solace of alluring darkness.

They tread on lingering whispers
Whispers of stagnant verses.
The clock still ticks, times passes by
But, they are still stuck.
Feeling the enigma of time... 


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