Apr 11,2020

Thank You To Those At The Front-line Against Covid 19, Please Post A Picture Of Somebody You Know On Duty

As the world struggle with corona virus epidemic, lets not forget to continue to pray and thank those amongst us, who are out there daily on the front-line.

Those who face the threat of contacting the covid 19 virus which might lead to their death, but yet they wake up every to serve me and you, they keep our world functioning and give it some level of normalcy. 

To show our appreciation to the we implore everyone us to post a picture of somebody we know that is out there working hard to keep our world safe and sane.

The persons in the picture on this article are our hero Fabrice Sama and Destiny  Ugbesia, we would continue to post more pictures as we get them.

Thank you to all our heroes out there, God continue to protect you all.

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