Oct 06,2020

Tanzania: Politically Motivated Attack On The Opposition Party "CHADEMA" Members And Workers

Reports currently reaching Afrobizgermany from CHADEMA party in Tanzania. There are series of attack from the ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) on the members and workers of the opposition party CHADEMA. Read below a message sent to Afrobizgermany by Tundu Lissu candidat of the CHADEMA party.

Hello friends, 

Greetings. It looks like the regime is escalating its repression during these last weeks of the campaign. Last night our offices in Arusha and Tarime, both of them our political power bases, were raided by heavily armed police operatives. 

They’d no search warrants or any legal authority but they took our computers and documents and beat up our party workers. 

We’re now informed that regional and district police commanders countrywide have orders to raid our offices everywhere, destroy what can be destroyed and charge our candidates, party leaders and activists with non-bailable offences such as murder, armed robbery, etc. 

Today I’d a program to open party branches and speak to party workers in Kibaha district, outside Dar. But just outside Dar on the Morogoro highway I’ve been stopped by a heavily armed police squadron wielding automatic weapons. They’re preventing us from continuing with our program. 

We’re stuck here and we’ll remain here. We’ve had enough of these repressive measures. Tell the world we’re remaining here come what may!!!

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