Jan 29,2021

Stop Hoarding Covid-19 Vaccines!

South Africa warns! Hoarding Covid vaccines endangers all nations.


This reports shows that  As South Africa battles a serious highly infectious new mutation of Covid-19, the country's leading expert on the pandemic has urged wealthier nations not to hoard vaccine supplies, describing the behaviour as "unconscionable" and warning that "no-one is safe until everyone is safe". He further stated that "Fundamentally, there's a mistaken belief by some countries that they can vaccinate their populations and they'll be safe.

Meanwhile, Prof Salon Abdool karim, chairman of the government's coronavirus adversory panel, added that "It simply is not true. In this world that we live in, with this coronavirus, no-one is safe until everyone is safe".

However, the rates at which the virus is disseminating round the nation is too high and the risk of a long, international "cat and mouse" chase to defeat Covid-19 with constantly updated vaccines if the pandemic was allowed to keep spreading in countries which were unable to vaccinate their populations in good time. “There's no endgame that sees one country succeeding in controlling the virus while the rest of the world is dealing with rampant spread. For me, we all need to stand together. It's in everyone's interests.he sad.



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