Jul 15,2018

Why Is France Winning The Fifa Worldcup With African Players, Where African Countries Can't?

Though am not a football fan nor football analyst but I drew knowledge from the just concluded world cup. The France champion  of Russia 2018 was a  team of almost 80% Negros, so then what is really the problem with the black race. This question runs through my mind always: why do we(blacks) do well in foreign land and fail at home? We've had great players who English or Spanish leagues can't do without but coalition of these great players don't go far in worldcup. So then is it the players or the management of these players. To me I feel our greatest problem in Africa is management.  If the black French players can breakthrough to the top I feel the managers of these players have done a great deal for this history to be made and a lesson to be sent home. Digressing a little, I was on a chat with a friend asking what happened to our  neighbour "I had she died during child birth". Knowing fully well what his response will be I sent a follow up message that poor health facilities is the cause of women dying at childbirth then came his reply "Is spiritual...bros na  attack". If it's an attack why do Nigerian women give birth abroad and the witches don't hunt them? Why do we have plane crash in Nigeria and our cherished Nigerian Airways is dead and Ethiopian Airline said they have never recorded plane crash? Why and why do Africans succeed abroad but can't at home...There's problem with our system and poor management skills. Whatever we handle in the name of govt never grows nor succeeds. Why is Nollywood and the Nigerian Music industries growing fast and Other sectors   monitored by the government dwindling. Who then is the government, of course me and you...I guess we really need to sit down and reflect on our actions and attitudes towards the growth of our society. The world has left us behind and we alone are the solution to our problem. Is time to change our mindset and do things right just to gain recognition among other nations. We have all it takes human and natural resources to build the western world we all long to live in. O'beloved Africa is time to wake from our slumber
Let's do things RIGHT.
Concerned mind ✊?

By: Emmanuel Orih



Photo source: www.totalsportek.com

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