Aug 05,2018

The Ideas Behind The Headlines About Africa In The Western Media, Are They Bias?

Headlines are meant to be catchy, so as to pull the interest of the potential reader, but it can also have a bias and demeaning undertone or information which often twist the truth, a tactic generally used by most western media to propagate lies when reporting about Africa to favor the west, like in the case of the land appropriation by the current South African Government, whereby the government is trying to redistribute lands forcefully stolen centuries ago from the black South African by whites who still occupy about 73% of the best farming land in the country, and yet headlines in the western media read as such below.   

South Africa on brink of 'ANARCHY' as president demands white farmers' land is SEIZED 

South Africa's business-friendly president alarms investors with land grab proposal



By Samson Onoja Itodo

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