Jan 19,2021

Prof. Woke Soyinka Demeans Religious Talks In Nigeria

Professor wole Soyinka reacts to Kukah's new year speech on Islamic religion. 


Prof. Woke Soyinka, the Nobel Laureate,stated this on Monday  that the controversial reactions to the New Year message of Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, are “diversionary” and “nationally unhealthy”. Prof. Soyinka, also uttered a warning that Nigerians must not succumb to the demands of irrational religionists who would demand a mile after getting an inch.

  While he Futher added that,  Agreement or disagreement with Mr Kukah’s position is demonstration of a nation’s badge of maturity and should be read as a continuation of the provocative discourse.

However,  he still never understand why religion sentiment will be echoed as a legitimate extract from Mr Kukah’s New Year messages, And it has become a “deliberate, emotive displacement of a central concern.” professor wole Soyinka added. 



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