Nov 12,2020

Nigerian Traders In Ghana Call For Evacuation

#Nigerian traders in Ghana send SOS letter to FG.

This is becoming too obvious that the Nigerians traders in Ghana are still facing a lot of humiliations and unjust treatment from the ghanians.
There was a report on  Wednesday that the Nigerian traders in Ghana has called on the Nigerian government to evacuate them from Ghana.

This request from the traders was enclosed in a Save-Our-Soul letter delivered to the Chairman of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa. In the letter, they were seeking a secure and peaceful return to Nigeria,
 And they also stated that their evacuation had become necessary because of the constant and consistent harassments, intimidation, torture, threat to their lives and the total lockdown of their means of livelihood in Ghana.

In the heat of this challenges, the ghanian authorities locked up their various shops for about a year now.

They further said that,"Diplomatic niceties at the highest level between Nigeria and Ghana have not yielded positive results.

“Landlords are coming to ask us for rent. How do we pay with our shops locked up for so long? We are dying here and the humiliation is becoming unbearable. 


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