May 28,2020

American Racist Lynch Mob Saving The World From German Nazi Concentration Camp?

Nothing changed, white Americans still are dehumanizing Africans, this world is still racially divided and racism still in power.  

United State of America has a racist in chief as its president (Donald Trump) who can be quoted as such "there are good people on both sides" when white supremacist were confronted by anti racist groups while matching openly on the street.

It is open season for lynching of black people by the police that is suppose to protect them, the clear videos are getting tiresome to watch, as there is often the need for social uprising before any arrest is made.

"Hands up don't shoot" "I can't breath" just a few of the crying words of unarmed black men brutally murdered by the police and captured on video, the lynching of Africans is not new, it has been going on for about 400 years, it is only now being televised.

America is very proud of its part played in the conquare of the German Nazis and its fight for human rights around the world, but "Charity begins at home" and the saying also dose say "why worry about a speck in your friend's eye when you have a log in your own?"  

Segregation was being practiced among American soldier during the second world war, African American soldiers were treated less than the captured German enemy soldiers, and they came back to their country to continue being treated as less of a human.

Is the situation ever going to change?  


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