Why Kizz Daniel Won't Perform In Tanzania Without His Gold Chain

A viral video of Kizz Daniel being led into a police van in Tanzania is making the rounds online, and the headline on social media has been "Kizz Daniel arrested in Tanzania" because he allegedly refused to go on stage on the grounds that the airline did not deliver his luggage, and he would not go on stage to perform to the already packed venue, without his gold chain that is in the missing luggage, this is the information shared by the show promoter on Daddy Freeze interview live on Facebook.

Fans trooped on Daddy Freeze's Facebook live to share their experiences with Kizz Daniel and it was not all positive, and some in the comment section started insinuating that the gold chain could probably mean more than mare jewellery, and implying it could have a spiritual purpose to it "voodoo".

Kizz has since in a press conference come out to apologize to his fans and the country of Tanzania, he promised to do a free concert before he leaves the country, and his brother who is also his representative and the show promoter also were together on Facebook live try to do damage repairs to the narratives that are already out there.

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