"White Lives Matter" Kanye West Financial Gains Over Black Lives

Kanye West is a narcissist who is more concerned about what benefits him, than how it affects an entire community or race.

Kanye West has often and easily thrown his own people under the bus to gain publicity and attention from the white community, everytime he is about to release a song, at his fashion events or in any other form that publicity brings him wins.

But why does it always have to be the black community, that is the chosen victim of his selfishness, there have been instances like when he was at TMZ and declared "slavery was a choice" and many more

Nobody has ever said "White lives do not matter" but the "Black Lives Matter" movement was formed because of the incessant murder of unarmed black people by the police and many other hate crimes faced by the black community

Kanye collaborating with conservatives Candace Owens in wearing the "White Lives Matter" T-Shirt is a shame, they both really need to rethink their actions, because of their reach and influences, and the consequences of their actions might be detrimental to human lives.


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