Vote Mykel Chukwuyerem Parish Ajaere For The Office Of National President, Association Of Movie Producers Nigeria.

Nollywood is about to redefine it's commercial value, while maintaining it's identity in spite of several factors impeding its growth. I acknowledge efforts of industry leaders, who have over the years worked tirelessly to ensure a sustainable film industry for Nigeria. It will also do our industry a lot of good, if government authorities could enable industry structures through funding or grants for production and distribution of indigent films projects. Indeed to project our cinematography and Nigeria's culture: to also inform and educate us about our perception of the world and vise versa.

There's no doubt the world expects so much from us as a powerful black nation, but how do we maintain our current status as the biggest black film industry in the world? How do we help filmmakers make a living from their films?

My mission is to help make film production lucrative again for the Nigerian film producer by leveraging on my extensive network and global affiliation to renowned creative industry practitioners to realise this. Favourable policies, access to funding, global co-production, distribution and opportunities is what I offer members of Amp.

Unlike Tom Cruise, my Mission is Possible.

I am Mykel Chukwuyerem Parish Ajaere and I am running for the office of National president, Association of movie producers Nigeria.

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