Naira Marley Advice Nigerian Men "Start A Business For The Girl U Like"

Popular Nigerian artiste, Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley , has advised Nigerian men on how and what they should do for their women. The Tesumola crooner on his Twitter page on Friday, July 24, told them to start a business for the girl they like "Start a business for the girl you like" which is obviously correct.

His post which went really viral after it was tweeted generated so many reactions from his fan base. A lot of them talked about how they have done so in the past and got burnt for it. Others are, however, of the opinion that he just said the gospel truth. Some of us have set up businesses for women we like but realised some of them are ingrates

I think doing this will enable them to be very productive instead of becoming a liability when you finally get married, but the question is, are they ready to struggle together with their man?

(By: Musty Mustapha)



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