Sep 21,2022

Expecting The Colonized To Mourn Queen Elizabeth II, Is Like Asking Jews To Mourn Adolf Hitler

The legacy of Queen Elizabeth 11 is indefensible, she has never apologized for British atrocity all over the world under her watch, and she is a keeper of stolen colonial spoils.

Would anyone dare to tell the Jews to mourn Hitler? But yet some expect the victims of British colonial brutality, to mourn the Queen who probably had more people killed under her watch, it surpasses my understanding of how anyone would hope the people of Kenya for example, would mourn the queen, after the historical massacre of the Mau Mau revolutionaries, though the shameless Kenyan puppet government, declared four days of mourning for the death of the Queen, what a horrible thing to do by a government, whose people were butchered by this evil empire.

This is the same Queen who once called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, in fact, it was the British empire that established the apartheid regime in South Africa and some disgusting British media tends to attack any person pointing out the evil side of the Queen.

The likes of the Daily Mail with their very often attack Meghan Markle and anti-black editorials should be ashamed of themselves for spewing so much racism

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