Jun 27,2020

"THE DAWN" Poetry By Musty Mustapha

I saw him pass as the new day dawned,
Murmuring some musical phrase,

Horses were drinking and floundering in the pond,
And the tied stars thinned their gase;

Yet these were not the spectacles that he coined,
But an inner one, giving rays
Such was the thing in his eye walking there,

The very and the visible thing,
A close light displaying the gray of the morning air,
And the tokens that the dark was talking wing;

And was that not the radiance of a purpose rare that might ripe to its accomplishing?

What became of the light?
I wonder still its fate!

Was it quenched ere its full opogee?
Did it struggle frail and frailer to a beam emaciate?
And if its thrive till matured in variety,
Did it travel on to be a new young and thence on infinity?....

The pleasure of the dawn can raise the lamp of progress even when man strive from the Depth of the ocean.

(By: Musty Mustapha)

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