Jul 15,2018

Should The Actions Of African Pastors Be Questioned Or Judged?

African Pastors with their flamboyant life style and oppressive ways have rather become a curse instead of blessing to their followers and the African continent at large, this Pastors will so much political power because of the huge number of congregations they control that they influence politicians and the political system, They pride themselves with private jets, mansions and every kind of luxurious lifestyle one could think of, and to sustain this lifestyle they milk their congregation dry, some diverse ways to extort their congregation. A pastor in Zimbabwe was arrested for selling tickets to heaven, these churches would collect different kinds of offering money in a church service. A Pastor in Ghana claims he gives lotto numbers to his congregation and some of them can be seen in the video below testifying they won, but the question is why is this pastor not betting on the numbers himself? Because by so doing he would win and have enough money, he wouldn't need to take offering or tight from his congregation. With all this visible atrocity, one dare not question this pastor because their members would viciously come to their aid with words like "touch not my anointed", have we been that brainwashed that we have stopped thinking for ourselves? Some pastors are now flexing their powers by molesting their congregation publicly, they're instances of pastors commanding their congregation to go eat grass and some are even touching or exposing the private parts of their congregation, how far more can they go?

By Samson Onoja Itodo

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