Nov 21,2020

Indian Poet Writes About “Olufunke: The Black Maiden”

Olufunke: The Black Maiden 

You abhor her for being black

But she's proud of it, glad of her race.

Her skin though tanned.

It's a paragon of excellence.

Those tiny curls they flout dignity

Seats at her head like a circlet

Her big butt might have enticed you.

But she's apathetic.

She wings higher, higher and higher.

Alike an Eagle

Her leer, morish, is winsome in every way.

She enounces roaringly.

Yet her words are filled with emotion.

She struggles, fights back.

That mole on her face

Accentuate her charm.

Chaste and pious.

Who said black is not beguiling?

Just look at.

You too, will adore her. 



Name: Sutanuka Mondal 

Country: India

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