Apr 28,2021

Governor Ortom Slams Presidency Again Over The Killings In Benue State.

The insurgency in Benue State. 

This is very unfortunate and heart broken taking into account of the tragedy befalling on the people of Benue state.

The level of insecurity in Benue is too obnoxious,

As of recently, at least Seven were killed in attack on IDPs camp in central part of Benue. It was reported that, This attack was melted by Gunmen believed to be Fulani herdsmen at the early hours of Tuesday attacked an internally displaced people's camp in central Nigeria's Benue state, killing seven and injured nine others. Benue is part of Nigeria's Middle Belt region which has been troubled by deadly clashes between nomadic herders and local farmers over land, grazing and water for years. The conflict is an additional challenge for the nation's security forces who are battling on several fronts -- a more than decade-long jihadist insurgency in the northeast, criminal kidnap gangs in the northwest and a separatist militia in the southeast. Governor Samuel Ortom stated this when he visited the camp at the outskirts of markudi on Tuesday, he said, "As a result of this recent attack, Many are in the hospital apart from the seven that died during the attack in IDPs camp,"

He also added that the dawn attack on the camp housing 21,000 people displaced as a result of previous herder-farmer clashes was "inhuman, barbaric and unacceptable." Although it was not immediately clear the reason for the latest attack, tensions have been on the rise since the government enacted a law banning open grazing of cattle in the state. However, Governor Ortom appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the frequent killings in the state. "I want to say that we are being overstretched. Our patience and preaching of rule of law is being overstretched. You can see that the people are fed up. Mr. President must rise up," he said. "if the federal government had taken the issue of militia herders seriously, it wouldn't have escalated to this level." He said that in the last two weeks, over 70 people had been killed in various parts of the state. After addressing the audience, he added that everybody should very vigilant to take appropriate security measures on their hands that security is for everybody. 



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