Jun 19,2020

Gabriel Eze Would Be Speaking And Taking Questions Live Online At The Afro-Bloggers Convention

Gabriel Eze has over seven years of experience as an engineer, researcher and entrepreneur in machine learning, AI systems and sustainable development for agriculture, health, education, and small business sectors.

Before joining Cambrian as Partner for Africa+, Gabriel was the AI Architect and Chief Data Scientist at Touchabl Pictures Limited; Nigeria's premiere AI company specializing in computer vision. In that role, he was responsible for the planning and implementation of AI systems: supervising preparing/annotating of the training data, selecting the right ML techniques and methods, and evaluating the evolution of the model architecture as the use case of end product evolves. At Touchabl, he developed AI tools that supported over 2500 small business and users, coordinated specific interventions in the fashion/garment sector, facilitated stakeholder forum for over 200 business owners on leveraging AI along the fashion value chain in 8 majors cities.

Furthermore, he has participated in international research projects, including a joint study of socio-professional organisations under the umbrella regional producer organisations of ECOWAS for a regional strategy on youth employability in West Africa. He has deep experience in artificial intelligence: methods (computer vision, deep learning, feature extraction, and neural networks); techniques; tools, and language.

Currently serving as the Head of Operations at Rural Farmers Hub, Gabriel design, manage, advises and evaluate the organisation's projects; notably, the delivery of computer-generated crop advise to over 5000 farmers in remote farming communities.

He's also leading a small team of AI engineers to develop solutions using satellite datasets and ML algorithms for crop classification, the spatial distribution of soil nutrient variation and other feature sets. Prior to this, he developed the framework for agricultural extension delivery as a (software) service which provides a conduit for collecting farmer data in near-realtime to enable policy and decision-makers measure ground truth, allocate resources and measure the efficiency of resource allocation. This has led to collaborations with National Agricultural Extension and Research Liason Services and the Nigeria arm of Sasakawa Africa Association (a Geneva-registered international NGO).

Gabriel is also a guest speaker at Hult International Business School, where he discusses ethical use cases of AI in Africa to a diverse class of business and development professionals across the world. He holds an MBA, a nano-degree in AI Programming, and a BEng degree in Engineering. LinkedIn Profile for Gabriel Eze (www.linkedin.com/in/chuqdennis)

Gabriel Eze would be speaking and taking questionns online via Zoom on the topic "Leadership (Youth)" at the "Afro-Bloggers Convention" tomorrow the 20th June 2020, time 6pm, join by registering on the Afro-Bloggers section of this website or on this: link https://bit.ly/AfroBloggersConvention. 


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